ChatZilla on XULRunner Updates

Well, I think it works... :/


Starting with 0.9.74, my ChatZilla packages support the same software update system as Firefox and Thunderbird.

The following cases are blocked and won't receive updates:

The check for updates occurs once a day - the /update command can be used to trigger a manual check. Updates will always prompt before download or install.

There are three update channels, based on the colour system that all ChatZilla releases follow:

The channel setting defaults to yellow and is kept in the channel-prefs.js file.

Technical Notes

When I want to build an update-enabled ChatZilla, I run "UPDATE_CHANNEL=red ./". This causes with my patch applied to run:

../../../tools/update-packaging/ chatzilla-$VERSION-$BUILDID.mar xr-tree

The script used is from mozilla/tools/update-packaging, in CVS and requires mar.exe (or equivalent on other platforms). If you don't feel like building it yourself, there's a Windows binary here.

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