ChatZilla on XULRunner

Standalone Mozilla IRC Client, no browsers attached.


ChatZilla is normally used as part of SeaMonkey, or an extension to other browsers. However, it can also run under XULRunner, allowing ChatZilla to be used standalone, independent of a web browser.


old builds



Run the installer and start ChatZilla from the Start Menu/Screen, or extract the .zip package and run chatzilla.exe.


Simply extract a tarball and run chatzilla.


These steps have been reported broken.

  1. Download XULRunner 35 for OS X and extract it to /Library/Frameworks/.
  2. Open a terminal window and run /Library/Frameworks/XUL.framework/xulrunner --install-app "<package>", where <package> is the full path to the ChatZilla .xulapp file.
  3. Start ChatZilla in your Applications folder.

If you need to copy over settings or scripts, use the ChatZilla command /pref profilePath to find your profile.


ChatZilla will regularly check for updates, but nothing will be downloaded without your permission. If you downloaded a package including XULRunner, then that will also be included in the updates.


In addition to ChatZilla plugins, these builds support extensions and themes. The Extension manager can be opened from the ChatZilla menu.


You don't need to build Mozilla to build ChatZilla. You just need Mercurial, Python, and something to apply a diff.

  1. Check out from the ChatZilla Mercurial repository (hg clone
  2. Apply this patch: xrmakeM.diff.txt.
  3. Go to xpi and run ./
  4. The new .xulapp file in the directory is the XULRunner app package.

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